Lined Tote Bags - My Other Bag

Lined Tote Bags - My Other Bag
You can never have too many bags and a tote bag is ideal for carrying most things. The straps are 2" wide and the bags are fully lined. They make great gifts too.

But when your tote bag makes a statement, it becomes really special!  I had great fun designing and making these bags.  The central panel with the slogan is about 10" by 7" and the overall body of the bag is just under 16" wide by 18" high.

The fabric used to frame the slogan is the same as that used for the bag lining and for the strap lining.  The remainder of the bag is made using a good quality (hard wearing) calico.

The background to the slogan comes in a choice of gold, purple or red.  The printed slogan is in white capitals.  The slogans and background are printed on plain white fabric.

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